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Adidas and Silver Moon Barber Go Digital with mobile advertising

Longtime residents of Atlanta, Georgia were saddened with the news that the oldest black barbershop in the city was closing earlier this decade. When Adidas partnered with the barbershop for a special event, they called on Led Truck to get the word out to their specific demographic with our digital billboards.

Adidas and Silver Moon campaign

Every city has its own story, places that have shaped it, and that, despite time going by, will always remain in the memory of its citizens. A clear example of this is Silver Moon, Atlanta's African American barbershop that stayed open for over 100 years and closed its doors in 2012.

It was located on Auburn Avenue, and its only owner Josh Harris decided to retire at age 85 and close the store after many years of passionate work and love for what he did. This iconic place is remembered with love and nostalgia by the city's inhabitants, as it holds many memories. Generations of families went to Silver Moon Barbershop to get their hair cut and even to just hang out and talk.

Adidas found the perfect excuse to reopen the barbershop. They were going to launch a new line of Adidas Originals Basketball, and they wanted to do it in a place that was meaningful and paid homage to the local community, as well as the brand.

So they decided to make a pop-up of Silver Moon Barbershop. A replica where they placed objects very particular to the store, as well as some related to basketball. The overall ambiance was very old-school, reminiscent of the original style of the shop and, even though it wasn't located in the same spot as the original one, it managed to evoke the spirit of Silver Moon. The team even invited the former staff to perform haircuts and braiding for free to anyone who got to the place.

At the entrance of the shop, a parked Led Truck played a video specially made for the reopening of Silver Moon, making passersby aware of the event and spiking people's interest to the point of visiting the shop and having their hair done while enjoying their memories of the past.

The social networks started talking about what was happening, and it became the event of the moment. People started uploading photos in the barbershop from many years ago, along with many messages of joy and love. Then more and more people came to relive the time when Silver Moon was open.

During the campaign, the barbers performed approximately 600 haircuts, and Adidas proposed a challenge where if more than 800 people went to Silver Moon for a haircut, they would do everything in their power to keep the barbershop open for good.

NBA and WNBA athletes attended the event, as well as many influencers and personalities from the community. Several radio stations aired live broadcasts about the pop up barbershop. Adidas Original had giveaways of shoes, T-shirts, and exclusive merchandising throughout the event.


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