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Graduations through digital billboards

Even the pandemic can't keep milestones from being celebrated with relatives and loved ones through mobile billboards!

Without a doubt, 2020 will be a year that few will be able to forget, and that has marked the history of humanity. The pandemic has been a complicated situation full of defeats, lessons, and even achievements. We've learned that even when going through a global crisis, life continues, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and spread joy.

In New York City, a series of graduations from 4 institutions were held in July, including Cold Spring Harbor High School, The Wheatley School, Yorktown High School, and Pace University, each of which lasted a day. And it was all thanks to EW Group and Led Truck. They wanted to join the graduates in celebrating one more step into their lives while making their graduation a memorable moment for them, their family, and friends, regardless of Covid-19.

EW Group is a national company dedicated to marketing and event planning since 1999. During these 21 years of experience and passion, they have held numerous events for corporations, agencies, non-profit government organizations, and all sorts of groups.

They are specialist in event creation, volunteer management, engagement and fundraising, marketing and promotion, event logistics planning, On-site event management and vendor management.

Guided by their trajectory and expertise in the field, they decided to find an expert ally to help them fulfill their purpose of celebrating the graduations. That's why they contacted Led Truck to help them honor this milestone. The concept was to promote a space where families could attend this celebration without having the need to interact with other people. This way, they could accompany and support their loved ones on this important occasion, while still following all biosafety protocols and respecting social distancing.

The location was planned so that the relatives could be present in an isolated manner. The solution was having them watch the ceremony from their vehicles. This way, they would be protected, and the possibility of contagion would be minimized.

There were two or three trucks present in each event, depending on the number of attendees and how busy the parking lot would be. They were strategically located so everyone could witness the ceremony.

Led Truck mobile billboards increased their visibility by keeping their screens up, so attendees could enjoy the live broadcast of everything happening on the stage. Along with real-time sound and a synchronized signal among the advertising trucks, the attendees didn't miss a beat.

The pandemic couldn't prevent us from celebrating these important events. Led truck is proud of having taken part in this special moment and making it memorable with a creative and innovative technological proposal that can bring people together regardless of the circumstances.


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