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Mobile advertising unite to LA galaxy for fun

The new Major League Soccer (MLS) season kicks off with a bang for LA Galaxy fans as they can take part in the "game" action thanks to our mobile billboard trucks.

LA Galaxydigital billboards campaign

For thousands of fans who file into Dignity Health Sports Park every week to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his LA Galaxy teammates light the MLS on fire, there can hardly be an experience to match the excitement on the soccer field. The only problem is, they aren't actually playing in the games. If only they could play alongside Zlatan on their next trip to the stadium.

Thanks to LA Galaxy, Xbox and PlayStation, fans of the team will get the next best thing to running alongside their favorite players -- controlling them in a video game on huge screens just outside of the stadium. In conjunction with la Galaxy, LED TRUCK is providing gaming consoles and enormous LED screens for fans to play FIFA 2019 on their trucks parked just outside of the StubHub Center.

In several instances, the trucks became the stage for the games. And, just like in real life, the matches were played regardless of weather or time of the day, because there was no valid excuse to cancel it.

The state-of-the-art technology made it possible to feel the same energy as in a real soccer match. The high-quality surround-sound audio system brought the excitement of the stadium, the two high-definition side screens became the field, and the participants chose their players from the LA Galaxy team to debut against their opponents, show their winning moves and fight for the precious victory while their fans watched and cheered throughout the game.

The experience has been a hit with fans as they flock to the LED TRUCKS, equipped with four LED screens so they can "be Zlatan" while watching him score on his rivals. We wouldn't be surprised to see other MLS teams jump on the bandwagon and start calling for LED TRUCKS to park outside of their stadiums and give fans an unforgettable experience to go with their viewing pleasure.

With this campaign, it was concluded that there was no greater emotion for fans of all ages than living the experience of being part of a professional American soccer team. From small children to adults, everyone was thrilled to be able to join their favorite LA Galaxy player in the virtual field and play alongside them, even if only for a few minutes.

This strategy gave the LA Galaxy target audience a unique opportunity that could not have been possible without the help of Led Truck team and mobile advertising trucks, which helped create and foster this innovative user experience. In addition to entertaining people while waiting outside Dignity Health Sports Park, it also created a closer and personal bond between the fans and their beloved team that surely couldn't have been achieved without this experience, surely after living this experience they will not stop supporting the team..


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