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Reach, Engage, Impact with Digital Billboards

​Mobile advertising trucks undoubtedly have been traversing local streets displaying an advertising message similar to a moving billboard. Some messages hit, others don't. There is no question, key visual components and engaging messages will resonate with some onlookers, but not unlike sedentary billboards, who sees your message and how it impacts them is a function of when and where they are going. That is about to change, thanks to our mobile advertising trucks. 

Our mobile billboards combine state-of-the-art advertising tools and messaging with geo-targeted and geo-localized campaigns to get your message to your target audiences, in the language that they are most comfortable with, and with dynamic messages that they can't ignore. We're as big as the Continental US and as small as your neighborhood streets. Wherever your target is, billboard advertising trucks brings cutting-edge technology to them combined with Marketing and Advertising expertise of more than 20 years. We'll reach your target. We'll engage them. And we'll impact them with the mobile billboards better than anyone in the business. 



Led truck care to carry the message of our clients in the most effective and innovative way, that is why we have the best and most reliable drivers, who are the heart of our team, with years of experience on the road and driving the unique features of our latest generation LED mobile billboards. The road team is complemented by a specialized team of Digital Advertising Operations that will coordinate all operations with you to obtain maximum exposure and impact on the campaign hosted by our Led truck.

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