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Services and Features

Our out of home advertising trucks provide cutting-edge technology in every facet of our custom services. From the best high definition LED screens in the industry to GPS tracking, geo-targeting, geo-fencing and online ad serving and reporting, to ensure that your message gets to exactly where, when and how you want it. Below is the just sample of what our out of home advertising offers:

Hi-Def LED Screens Redefined!

During the Day, or at Night. Parked or in Transit. In Good Weather or Bad! our advertising trucks  will find the audience you want, when you want it and wherever they are. And when we get there, they’ll see everything you want them to in Hi-Def second to none to in the industry.


Standard Billboard vehicles with LED screens come with a 6mm Pixel Pitch – the distance between one pixel (or LED cluster) and another in millimeters. LED TRUCK’s vehicles use an industry-best 4mm Pixel Pitch – the smaller the distance between pixels the better. That means that our screens have as many as 3-times more pixels than average LED screens on similar advertising  vehicles.

What does that mean for your audience? The best OOH viewing experience possible for video, live streams and all other images and messaging. LED TRUCK screens are crystal clear – your audience will see exactly what you want them to!


GPS Tracking through the advertising campaign

Bringing a customized message to your target audience is everything LED TRUCK is about. But what if our trucks go through different neighborhoods, with different demographic breakdowns and different audiences? We got your covered. Our advertising trucks messaging can be adapted in real time, according to specific geographic locations and characteristics.


Moving from an affluent neighborhood to a middle class one? LED TRUCK can program its messaging to change the moment you cross the street from one neighborhood to another.


Going from a predominantly English-speaking part of town to a Spanish-speaking neighborhood? Again, we can program any language the moment you cross into that neighborhood ensuring that your messaging will be absorbed by exactly the audience you want in the language they want, to engage as much people as we can with the digital campaign.


Our Billboard truck let you Be Part or Be the Main Event 

Is your advertising campaign part of a Grand Opening or other main event? Or are you the show, bringing people in to watch live events, participate in a concert of host a giveaway or other engaging campaign? LED TRUCK is equally adept at being the Main Attraction or part of the supporting cast for a big event.


Our mobile advertising trucks not only feature the best hi-definition screens in the industry, but the screens raise up 20 feet allowing prime visibility from hundreds of yards away. Even better, underneath the screen, emerges a hydraulic stage perfect for concerts, emceed events and all manner of promotions activities.


Outdoor advertising  LED TRUCK will find the party or became the party no matter where it is!


Anywhere Your  Advertising Campaign Needs To Be

With close to 20 vehicles divided on both the East and West Coasts, LED TRUCK advertising campaigns can run in any part of the country and even internationally. Our expert Ad Operations Team will manage the campaigns in real time, while our team of professional drivers will arrive on time anywhere you need them. The team remains in constant contact to make adjustments on the fly to meet all our clients’ expectations.


All our digital campaigns are expertly coordinated so that your message reaches the intended audience when, where and how you customize it to. 

Map of where are our  OOH trucks

Liftable and Extendable LED Screens, Stages and Audio for Miles 

On the move, our mobile advertising vehicles are an unmistakeable sight sure to grab your targets attention, but when we are the center of the show our LED Trucks transform into the epicenter of all action. With liftable side screens that raise up 20 feet in the air, your audience will get an unobstructed view from great distances.


Our LED advertising trucks also transform into mobile concert venues with a hydraulic stage that allow for music to boom from our surround sound high quality audio system available on all LED TRUCK. 

LA Galaxy digital campaign with Led Truck
Need more details about our mobile billboards trucks? Contact us at

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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