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Mobile billboards are the solution when your story is trapped in the digital universe, with little or no impact in the real world. Or, conversely, your business has yet to leave its mark in the online community. So what do you do?   The answer is mobile billboards.


Welcome to LED TRUCK, the biggest and most innovative network of advertising trucks, that take your brand and message to multiple places at the same time, covering all states in the Continental United States, Brazil, and major international countries, with dynamic and multimedia content, while engaging consumers in your digital channels, through our Outdoor advertising.

Our fleet of brand new high resolution 2019 LED Trucks in the United States and major international cities, will help you create fast campaigns that go live in minutes in multiple cities, and move wherever you need to show a message, in image, video, HTML, flash, live feed, or any combination, using 4 screens per advertising truck.


Out of home advertising using Mobile billboards Cutting-Edge tech

Mobile billboards are the best allies to create brand awareness. We offer from our 4 Best-in-Industry high definition LED screens per LED truck to the revolutionary GPS Tracking, automatic geotargeting, high-speed internet, online ad serving and reporting and high power audio, so if you are trying to  to revolutionize the marketplace, the best way  is with mobile billboards.

Truck advertising help you to get your message/brand/event to those who it will most impact, when they are ready to hear it, and where they are best situated to see it. 

Our mobile advertising trucks are ready to host any event in the streets, transforming the truck in minutes to a full stage with big format led screens that are lifted hydraulically up to 20 ft, and a spacious hydraulic stage, with 6000 watts of power, and all the professional audio equipment for hosting a band, DJ, influencer, celebrity, or create a contest, an online game championship.

Take your brand to the streets using our Billboard truck, and interact directly with your consumer, let him/her try or taste your product, or to engage with you in real-time.



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