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COVID Homeless Effort digital billboard campaign

The United States, the world's leading power, has been gravely affected by the current global crisis caused by COVID-19, which has impacted all countries' political, economic, and social spheres.

A significant part of the American population depends exclusively on their regular income. Many need to work several jobs just to make ends meet.

It would be an understatement to say this crisis has been an unpleasant situation for thousands of people. The economy has been severely affected, causing whole families to lose all sources of income. Consequently, they lack the means to buy essential goods and, in some cases, to pay their rent, getting them evicted and forcing them to abandon their homes.

These events have touched the hearts of the people and the government, making them join forces and contribute what they can to help a vast majority of the population navigate this unprecedented crisis.

Today we've all felt the call to solidarity, to reach out to those who need it most, to share what we have, and to worry not only about our wellbeing but also about that of the collective. We've learned that it is easier to overcome any adversity together. The virus has made us go back to basics and value what matters.

The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine of communities has caused many households to lose their livelihood and income. Some others have been economically impacted.

The government of California, worried about its citizens, proposed a strategy to benefit as many as they could. It developed a OOH campaign in San Francisco and Oakland during April and May, to promote good health practices regarding COVID-19 to the inhabitants of the homeless camps of both cities.

During this advertising campaign, our mobile billboard trucks were part of the strategy to raise awareness of the current pandemic, broadcasting the recommended measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and a few tips to keep in mind.

The trucks followed a route with strategic points, trying to reach as many people as possible and so they could achieve their task of alerting the population and providing them with tactics to stay safe.

In its 4 LED screens, each truck showed prevention tips, prompts of individual and social responsibility as part of a much larger community, and relevant information that people should consider for their self-care and that of their families, friends and loved ones. This initiative was done in solidarity with homeless citizens and those who lost their homes because of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has forced us to remember what matters, to question our actions, and help those who need us wholeheartedly. With our communities' joint effort, we will make sure that every person affected by the crisis can rise again and emerge victoriously. Together we can overcome this situation.


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