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Chasing the Sun from Florida to Brazil with digital billboards

Selling the sun to Brazilians is almost like selling ice to an Eskimo. So when Visit Florida decided to tackle one of Florida’s biggest tourism markets, it knew it would have to do so with a smart, original and technologically savvy campaign if it was to make an impact with a population well versed in sun worship.

Visit Florida digital billboards campaign

South America’s largest country was the scene of LED TRUCK’s latest campaign as the innovative mobile tech vehicles took to streets across Brazil to extoll the virtues of one its northern brethren. The Siga Seu Sol (Follow Your Sun) campaign stretched all the way from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.

In this comprehensive campaign involving unique videos and images of Florida, complemented with the full participation of four Brazilian influencers, LED TRUCKs turned heads and built engagement to extraordinary effect.

This campaign was the perfect chance to reach as many Brazilians as possible, so mobile advertising trucks surprised the crowds wherever they went and showed them everything Florida has to offer. Led Truck out of home advertising were on-hand at everything from busy street corners, popular parks, bustling conventions, and even one of the world’s most famous concert series, Lollapalooza, which lasted three days and gathered thousands of people of different ages from all around the world. In this event, attendees were able to see all the characteristics of the striking truck that was getting everyone’s attention, and this made many curious people want to approach and learn more about the campaign.

Visit Florida advertising campaign at Lollapalooza

The impact was widespread and tangible in every single one of the truck’s locations, thanks to several giveaways and a special contest. To participate, people would approach the digital billboard trucks and sign up for a chance to win four tickets to Florida, where they could experience first-hand all the wonders of this famous holiday destination, including restaurants, events, theme parks, and more. These activities served as a great incentive to get people to approach the trucks and find out everything they wanted to know about Florida while making it possible to collect data and general information about the participants through the raffles and the delivery of merchandise.

The Visit Florida campaign is the latest example of how our mobile ads truck combine cutting-edge technology with tried and true marketing and advertising principles for maximum exposure. There is practically no road in the Americas that is too far for LED TRUCKs to travel to and spread a specific, targeted and compelling message to the audience of your choice.

This advertising campaign marks LED TRUCK’s first deployment outside the United States, proving that there are no borders or limitations for our trucks. In LED TRUCK, we’re committed to our clients, so we work tirelessly to surpass their expectations and become the perfect allies in fulfilling their goals, no matter how big, small or crazy. All so they can reach their target audience in creative and innovative ways while creating brand awareness.


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