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Espolón Tequila Gets a Shot from mobile billboards campaign

When El Espolon Tequila decided it wanted to make a splash with its core market in Southern California this summer, the renowned spirits brand turned to LED TRUCK to get its message out. With this campaign, the brand wants to invite people to buy its delicious tequila and share it with their loved ones. It is the perfect tequila to enjoy neat, mixed, or in a cocktail, which means you can let your imagination run wild and surprise your family and friends.

Tequila Espolon digital billboards campaign

This tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, made entirely of 100% blue weber agave, is not only well known for it is refined taste, but also for its unique brand illustrations, which were expertly displayed on all 4 hi definition screens of the mobile billboard trucks that are part of the advertising campaign.

You can catch Led Truck digital billboards running in Los Angeles and San Diego throughout the summer along some of the most picturesque coastlines of the country and usually with throngs of onlookers staring at the engaging artwork.

El Espolon Tequila was first produced in 1988 by Cirilo Oropesa, who sees tequila production as an art worth admiring, so he followed his passion and perfecting a mix he'd be proud of became his lifework.

This brand of tequila, owned by Campari America, is produced in one of the company's distilleries called San Nicolas, which is located in Jalisco, Mexico. This region is known for the agave grown in its Highlands (Los Altos), which is crucial to the manufacturing and production of tequila.

Oropeza's commitment to producing great tequila and his promise not to give up this dream, have won him many awards, tequila Silver has won 7 awards since 2010, tequila Reposado has won another 7 awards, and tequila Añejo won three awards in 2015, which proves that doing things with love has its reward, and people value the effort and good quality of a product.

What separates El Espolon tequila from other brands is its incomparable flavor, due to its special preparation. Its unique distillation process consists of cooking the heart of the blue weber agave plant —also known as piña due to its resemblance to a pineapple— from 20 to 22 hours, adding it to the barrels, and finally distilling the tequila for almost 6 hours.

El Espolon offers several types of tequila: Silver, which is unaged and white; Reposado, which has rested 6 months in oak barrels; Añejo, which is aged for 12 months; and finally, El Colorado, which is finished in Bourbon barrels after being aged.

If you see in the label images representing a "pelea de gallos" or cockfight a Spanish American tradition, you can be sure it is El Espolon Tequila, since that's where they got the inspiration for its name and all its branding.

Each bottle label is a tribute to Mexican culture, depicting festivities and customs. You can find distinctive elements on their label illustrations, such as skulls and other traditional Mexican designs.


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