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Michelob Ultra's promoted through mobile advertising trucks

For some time now, we have seen how people have become increasingly concerned and aware of how vital wellbeing is. They've also started realizing how it's linked, to a greater or lesser degree depending on each person, to many factors such as sport, recovery and relaxation, balanced diet, health and, in one way or another, entertainment and recreation.

Anheuser Busch advertising campaign

Anheuser-Busch and Michelob ULTRA understood the importance of these issues, and they decided to get together and create a one-day event centered on the topic of wellbeing. This event would be a space where they would include a little bit of each one of these wellbeing-related factors, led by athletes and experts in the field, to give the attendees an incredible and comprehensive experience.

MOVEMENT by Adaptive Training Foundation with Michelob Ultra, was a fun wellness event for the 21-and-up crowd on August 24 of 2019 at Calamigos Ranch, a destination event ranch in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, where they could learn more about topics like recovery plans and workouts while enjoying music and beer. The event has also been held in locations such as St. Pete, Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston.

This time the wellness event took place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and recruited Led Truck´s digital billboard trucks to promote Anheuser Busch's Michelob Ultra beer in their four high definition screen. Our trucks toured the areas around the ranch for three days, displaying the beer's texture and quality on their screens. These tempting images were intended to attract the attention of passersby and encourage them to discover this delicious, organic beer, perfect for a sunny beach California day with family and friends.

The event was perfectly organized and there was a schedule with activities than ran from 45 minutes to an hour, which meant each attendee could organize their day as they preferred and participate in the activities they liked best. The activities followed these themes:

-Move: this segment was focused on training circuits, body sculpting classes, and boxing by athletes and specialized trainers.

-Evolve: guided meditation sessions, a cooking demonstration, a speaker, and a healer.

-Recover: a recovery center, massages, body treatments, facials, tarot readings, crystal healing, and Reiki sessions in the hands of the best specialists and experts in the field.

-Revel: the moment of the day that was dedicated and only about music by the live DJ Captain Planet that made the event even better.

MOVEMENT offered a complete experience to get attendees out of their day-to-day routine with different activities. Attendees could choose from a variety of exercise sessions at different times, as well as spaces where they could learn new recovery and relaxation methods.

After finishing all other wellness activities, and enjoying healthy meals and snacks, drinks, water, limited edition merchandising from Under Armour x Michelob ULTRA and many beers throughout the day, attendees gathered for an exclusive pool party with a live DJ who played while the sun set in another California day.


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