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Teachers Make Case With LED TRUCK advertising trucks

The L.A. teacher hit was one of the most publicized strikes in recent United States history. Led Truck was right in the middle of it with their advertising trucks, helping the Los Angeles school teachers get their message out and reach as many people as possible so they could join their cause and, ultimately, improve the conditions of public education.

UTLA digital billboards campaign

For the first time in three decades, teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District went on strike in January 2019. For a week, the country watched as the largest school district in the nation was the center of an important debate about teacher salaries, class sizes, inadequate support staff, and the troubles associated with the proliferation of charter schools.

But even before the strike materialized, the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) made its case to the city with a comprehensive effort to educate and bring awareness to their issues by using mobile advertising billboards. In a campaign that spanned dozens of schools and other locations spread throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, Led Truck digital billboards took the road on a predetermined route to get maximum exposure for UTLA. The 4 hi-def screens showed several key messages and videos that gave the public an in-depth view of the challenges teachers faced daily.

The campaign was conducted at the time the children were leaving school, primarily to ensure that parents were aware of what the state's teachers were demanding. That way, they could support them by spreading the message further, and the more people joined, the more significant the reach.

About 33,000 teachers joined the strike, all with the same goal and purpose. And together, they raised their voices and marched, asking the state for an increase in funding for public education, thinking about how children could benefit in the future.

We are Public School — a union of educators whose value proposition is to guarantee that all children have access to quality education — was the promoter that made the campaign possible. They wanted to encourage people to vote YES on Measure EE on June 4, 2019, because they know the importance of having a comprehensive education, regardless of whether it is public or private, that provides children and youth in Los Angeles with the knowledge and skills they need to grow.

In the end, and with the considerable assistance of out of home advertising, UTLA was able to negotiate a 6 percent raise, reduction of class size, addition of full-time nurses to all schools and a resolution to cap the amount of charter schools. It was another successful campaign where digital billboards were used to bring awareness and education to an issue to specific demographics.

Because no matter what message you want to convey and who you want to target, it's always better to do it with the help of innovation, technology and 4 high-definition screens. Led Truck is the strategic ally to help you capture the attention of any audience and achieve, or even exceed, your goals.


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