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Venice Beach Ends Another Basketball Season

The Venice Basketball League wrapped up another season with a sunny weekend full of amazing surprises sponsored by AT&T and powered by our Led Truck out of home advertising to give attendees and players many surprises and an unforgettable experience.

AT&T mobile billboard campaign

This independent league, also known as "VBL" was created in 2006 by Nick Ansom and a group of basketball players, motivated by the desire to bring the biggest names in basketball to the courts of Los Angeles, California. The league was established on the courts of Venice Beach, and their events always have talented and international artists, DJs, and entertainers, which guarantees a fun time with games, music, and friends. In the summer of 2017, they became the World Champions of Shanghai.

Maintaining the league has not been an easy task and they have had to make efforts and initiatives. In order to support The Venice Basketball League financially, they decided to start selling t-shirts and merchandise during the games as a fundraising mechanism. Supporters loved the exclusive designs representing the Los Angeles style and immediately started purchasing them and wearing them both on the court and the street.

The Venice Basketball League mission is "teamwork makes the dream work", and it has been instilled in all members of the league, especially the children, who participate in the Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL), a free clinic that promotes basketball, nutrition, yoga and another topics of interest. VBL has one more initiative, called Build Courts Not Walls, which has brought basketball to places with limited resources, where they have rebuilt and remodeled courts, thanks to the funds raised by their merchandising.

This summer, The Venice League World Games took place over a weekend, with two full days of 5x5 tournament matches. Besides having a great time playing sports, this event served as a platform for players to show their basketball skills and Move and be seen by experts and interested in this sport.

Led Truck was there with their digital billboards, from beginning to end, getting the attention of the crowd while broadcasting games to fans in attendance in real-time on its four high definition screens, assuring that no attendee would miss a single minute of the game.

A live DJ performing on top of the truck boosted the excitement of the audience and set the right ambiance for discovering which team would win and take home the prize.

People gathered around the court, under the sun and the jumps of the players, wanting to witness the event's final match. It was the perfect ending to a weekend full of thrilling sports, soaring jumps, and exciting music.

Excited fans poured in to see the championship game between Panda's Friend and World Champ after eliminating the other 13 teams competing for the $2,500 top prize.

After the end of the match, the winners celebrated with the people who had won the long-awaited Victoria and won the $ 2,500 prize and the recognition of the people for their good work on the court.


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