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Chase announce with digital billboards its opening 9 branches

In one of our signature campaigns, we drove for three months around nine cities in the United States– Clemson, Providence, Raleigh, Boston, Washington, Charlottesville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis – with Chase, one of the top national banks in the country and cataloged among the Big Four. In the United States, the Big Four hold 45% of all customer deposits.

Chase digital billboard campaign

Chase Bank has its headquarters in Manhattan, New York. It was founded in 1799, 220 years ago, and it was formerly known as Chase Manhattan Bank. It is ranked as one of the oldest financial services companies in the world. It operates JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., which provides domestic commercial banking services in the United States and consumer banking services to JPMorgan Chase & Co, a $2.6 billion global financial services firm.

The company has about 251,000 employees and operates in more than 100 countries around the world. And since it has continued to grow exponentially in the United States, offering their services to half of the American households, they saw the need to open new branches, in order to always provide the best customer care possible.

Chase twitter campaign

For three months, the trucks drove through different landscapes, rolling through several cities to let the Americans in on the good news: their favorite bank would now have branches closer by and be at everyone's fingertips. With the campaign, we made ourselves visible to many people who, by just seeing the truck, could find out all the information about the opening of the new offices, such as the dates, exact addresses, and the website to find out more about the new branches.

These were some unforgettable months where LEDTruck was able to travel to several places in the country to accompany Chase Bank in the moments of happiness when they opened the stores one by one. Thanks to the digital billboards, we were able to make these moments even more special and memorable. And without a doubt, we captured the attention of a higher number of people who were captivated by the four high definition screens where we displayed the vibrant blue color that represents the brand.

Chase campaign at twitter

Because the campaign took place in different markets, we created a wide impact that was very well received by our target audience. We ran the company by using Led Truck digital billboards to promote Chase Bank and the nine new branches it was opening for its customers' convenience, and ease. Now banking is easier, with its current 5,100 branches where expert consultants can advise you on your banking needs, 16,100 ATMs, to withdraw and deposit money easily and quickly, the Chase website and the Chase Mobile app compatible with all devices to make transactions and manage your banking from anywhere.

This financial giant "offers something for everyone", including personal banking, credit and debit cards, loans, investment, vehicle financing, personalized investment advice, and payment processing, with the added bonus of handling and protecting the money entrusted by millions of customers.


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