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Music feature on LED Truck's digital billboards

The California Science Center has an amazing array of displays and exhibits inside its doors. But what's happening outside? Meruelo Media with its radio stations Power 106 FM and Cali 93.9 FM in Los Angeles made sure there was a show going on outside with the help of LED Truck's digital billboard advertising and good music.

Meruelo Media digital billboard campaign

Music is the universal language: it connects us with ourselves and others regardless of language, race, or religion, and it transmits emotions through its lyrics and melodies. Who doesn't enjoy music? Our day to day life wouldn't be the same without it. For example, a long road trip is always much better when we drive to the beat of favorite artists or songs.

Meruelo Group has a comprehensive portfolio of services and industries, such as construction and engineering, hospitality and gaming, real estate, as well as television and radio stations. In fact, Meruelo Media is the largest minority media company in California and includes Power 106 FM and Cali 93.9 FM in Southern California. While their main objective is to communicate, entertain, and empower the multicultural communities that follow their shows, they are also an excellent platform for marketing, advertising, and messaging.

Los Angeles saw our trucks promoting radio stations Cali 93.9 FM, the #1 reggaeton station, and Power 106 FM, the city's #1 hip hop station, driving around and at three big events in the city of Los Angeles.

One of them was the Mexican Independence Day Parade in East Los Angeles on September 8, where we rode in the parade. This time, we were accompanied by cheerleaders and a live D.J., because we know that any parade is better when you add some music to liven up the atmosphere.

Our advertising trucks were also at the Daddy Yankee concert at the Toyota Arena on September 14, where we promoted Cali 93.9 FM with the singer's playlist, and at Sebastian Yatra's concert at L.A. Live on August 11, encouraging the audience to tune into the stations daily, to enjoy the best music in a nonstop, without cuts or commercials.

LED TRUCK took part in these big L.A. events with its four high definition screens which helped them reached huge audiences, inviting people to turn up their radios and stay tuned to Meruelo Media's stations Power 106 FM and Cali 93.9 FM for the best music in town.

The digital billboards were rolling around Los Angeles following a schedule where they reached strategic points of the city while playing different music. Their playlists included the most requested songs and artists, which was meant to capture people's attention and engage new listeners.

Regardless of the industry or the type of company, brand, product or service, be it at events or simply through attractive ads, out of home advertising is the best ally to reach your target audience and create brand awareness and engagement, and if it’s with the striking Led truck mobile advertising much better.


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