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"The Casagrandes" features on digital billboard screens

“The Casagrandes” by Nickelodeon is a new animated comedy that will steal the hearts of every child and adult who watches it, no matter their age because you’re never too young or too old for cartoons.

The Casagrandes digital billboard campaign

Countless cartoons have aired throughout the years, but only a few of them have made an impact strong enough impression to be memorable, let alone be considered a part of someone’s childhood. However, we’re pretty sure this new series has come to stay and entertain all members of the family with its episodes.

This Nickelodeon production, which premiered on October 14 of 2019 at 1:30 (eastern time), featured on one of our mobile billboard trucks for some days at the San Diego Convention Center and its surrounding areas, taking the screens with its characters and its Day of the Dead atmosphere. The series tells the story of a big multi-generational family of Latino ancestry living in the United States: The Casagrandes. Throughout the show, we get to see their day-to-day life, which includes a lot of Mexican holidays and customs, as well as the family members speaking both English and Spanish amongst themselves.

The Casagrandes at Nickelodeon Twitter

To introduce the show to as many children as possible and make the launch a complete success, we drove the trucks around from 9 am to 6 pm during the scheduled days catching the attention of everyone on the street.

Our screens showed Ronnie Anne Santiago, an 11-year-old girl adjusting to her new life after moving with her mother and big brother, to live with her whole family in Great Lakes City. This show is a spinoff from the Emmy award-winning animated series The Loud House since some of its characters gave way to the creation of this new series. Some of the new characters were inspired by the family and friends of the director of the series, Miguel Puga. And the same is true for some of the situations depicted in the show, which are based on some of his memories and past experiences.

The main objective of this series is to eliminate the xenophobia that many Americans feel against the Latino population. They aim to achieve this by showing a family where everyone has different professions, highlighting their customs and values such as love and friendship. Also, the idea is that people who watch the show can identify with the characters and feel the plot as something close to their reality.

For the time being, Nickelodeon has planned to shoot the first 20 chapters that focus basically on the everyday situations of the Casagrande family, while Ronnie Anne (played by Izabella Alvarez) adapts to her new life and gets to know all the members of her family.

“The Casagrandes” will air on Saturday mornings, presenting a different chapter of Ronnie Anne’s life every weekend. There we’ll get to meet Grandma Rosa (played by Sonia Mazao); Ronnie Anne’s father, a prestigious Peruvian doctor, Dr. Santiago (played by Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez) and many more charming members of the Casagrande family.


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